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Have you started feeling the consequences of the modern lifestyle on your skin? Fast paced tempo and many obligations, they are ruining the balance in between your mental and physical aspects of your body. Being overweight, having back pain, stiff neck and joint, high blood pressure, not being able to slep at night, feeling tired and anxious all the time or even feeling nausea…these are all symptoms of that. This kind of state of being isn’t normal and it can be a starting point for many more serious health problems in the future.

What can you do?

This is what we are suggesting

Use fitness to get back your health!

Fitness is something that has a remarkable positive effect on human health, making your body more functional and more healthy in general. Fitness also affect mental being as well. What fitness brings is the sense of pleasure and confidence, joy and it can also help you feel less depressed and tired. It is generally known that a healthy and happy person makes better impact in whatever that person does.

We believe that you are aware of all the benefits fitness brings, so we are inviting you and your employees to start your own fitness journey.

Newly opened fitness center in Poreč, GEN muscle, can be found in the new space gym Žatika, main entrance. Professional and polite staff will be there to help you, together with the best gym machines, friendly environment and motivating working atmosphere.

After signing the contract about using our fitness center, employees of your firm will be given their own membership cards together with all the informations on how to use our gym. Paying is via credit cards after the receipt has been delivered to you. If you wish your employees to pay their own memberships, then on the first day they need to bring a confirmation that they work for your company and they will be granted with a great discount. Depending on how many employees you will be signing in and depending on whether you are paying in advance or not, we can grant you with the discount as well.

You would like to start this process and begin your fitness journey immidiately? Just send us an email with your offer or request or make a call to our representative and we will gladly provide you with all the information you may need.


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